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Apprise Software Customer Dorfman Pacific Lands Official Licensing Agreement for Hollywood Blockbuster

Indiana Jones finds the kingdom of the crystal skull through creative thinking and smart logistics planning. While getting the film's mysterious artifact back to the jungle requires more than a touch of Hollywood magic, the supply chain behind the film's iconic merchandise requires less mysterious assistance from Apprise Software.

Since 2001, Dorfman Pacific, one of the world's largest full line, in-stock headwear and handbag companies, has relied on Apprise Distribution for integrated supply chain solutions. As the official headwear licensee for Indiana Jones™ hats and caps, the company depends on Apprise Distribution to help move their line of 33 branded hats and caps through the supply chain and onto retail shelves around the country. The company also sells dozens of other headwear and handbag brands.

Dorfman-Pacific has built its reputation on providing quality products that are in stock, priced right and shipped today. Achieving its goals requires attention to some very important details including the management of hundreds of headwear and handbag SKUs by style, color and size. And retail compliance issues such as electronic data interchange (EDI).

With the help of Apprise Distribution, Dorfman-Pacific built a dealer locator for its Customer Portal site to assist fans in finding the popular headwear. To date, the distributor is handling the increased demand for products while maintaining critical performance metrics thanks to sophisticated order entry and customer service modules found in Apprise Distribution.

An integrated purchasing module found in Apprise Distribution will help the company monitor sales trends by style. As sales increase, employees will see inventory numbers in real-time and be able to respond quickly by replenishing stock from overseas suppliers.

The system's executive information system (EIS) allows Dorfman-Pacific to track sales by representative, category and style and further define trends by specific sales periods throughout the year. The system is designed to scale as needed to effectively handle increased invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and aging volumes to keep customer accounts current and in good standing.

Indiana Jones fans are ringing cash registers as the new movie has generated over $400 million at the box office so far. And Dorfman-Pacific will continue to supply these fans with the desired brown fedora hat available at retailers throughout the country.

The next question on everyone's mind: "Will there be another movie?"

Dorfman Pacific's line of Indiana Jones-branded hats and caps are available through Blockbuster Video, Cabela's, Hammacher Schlemmer, and other retailers. The line of official headwear includes a Collector's Edition fedora of 100-percent pure beaver fur and dozens of other hat and baseball cap styles. For more information on official Indiana Jones headwear, visit www.indianajoneshats.net or www.dorfman-pacific.com.