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Get Real Real-Time Business Information

How real is your real-time data in your ERP solution? If you're using bolt-on applications to manage your business, or a best-of-breed approach, chances are your real-time data isn't very real-time at all.

A fully integrated ERP software solution built on a robust technology platform is your best bet for the real-time data consumer goods companies need to run their business. Integrated enterprise resource planning solutions, like Apprise®, deliver the most comprehensive data at the fastest processing speeds available. That's because all your critical data resides inside one ERP solution, and that solution is built around a consistent architecture to promote data flows across your organization for maximum speed, accuracy and visibility.

Data integrity is another problem with bolt-ons and best-of-breed systems. That's because different users across the enterprise are responsible for keying compartmentalized data into separate systems. And those users don't always have full visibility into the entire enterprise system, or have the institutional insight to see potential problems.

Integrated ERP software systems, on the other hand, can alert users to problems, data inconsistencies, and other issues that have an impact on accuracy. And it's easier to find the root cause of problems by using drill down tools that get to the heart of your sales, performance and operational data.

The bottom line is that integrated ERP like Apprise is good for your consumer goods business and your bottom line. While bolt-ons and best-of-breed solutions won't give you the functionality, data accuracy and speed, and performance you need to be a best-in-class consumer goods company.