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How to Gain Insight into Supplier Production Activities

It is important for consumer goods companies to have complete visibility into the production activities of their overseas suppliers. In order to do so, you need the right technology in place to make monitoring, managing and tracking supplier production activities a simple, intuitive process. Our Apprise® Supplier Production Monitoring module includes many features to help consumer goods companies stay on top of third-party manufacturers.

Our supplier production monitoring tools enable users to have full visibility into the tasks, compliance mandates and informational requirements of all your supply-side activities. You can monitor and track the status of samples, quality assurance results, production dates, shipping schedules, approvals, retailer compliance mandates and more. Staying in sync with your supplier's means you will always have one version of the truth with all your business information.

Apprise Supplier Production Monitoring also provides an increase in response time to any potential issues, which leads to more effective business decisions. Gaining earlier access to information in the supply chain enhances the ability to spot compliance issues, conflicts in scheduling or potential problems at any stage in production. This creates a more efficient workflow and management of your supply chain. Time-consuming reporting or data collection tasks can now be streamlined by having suppliers directly import production statuses into Apprise or updating statuses directly into Apprise through a supplier portal, providing you with real-time updates.

Gaining access to time-sensitive information about overseas suppliers increases productivity, helps make better business decisions and decreases the number of compliance issues.

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