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Is Cloud Deployment Right For Your Business?

In the past few years cloud ERP deployments have become increasingly prevalent. When searching for a new ERP solution, many companies aren't sure if a cloud solution is right for them. There are many factors companies must weigh when making this decision. We will discuss a couple of them here.

The first question to ask is where are your global operations? Because cloud deployments rely heavily on having a strong internet connection, if you have remote offices in parts of the world without consistent internet, then a cloud solution may not be right for your business.

Is your ERP solution integrated or best-of-breed? Best-of-breed systems require multiple interfaces as well as more time and resources to support them. Even in a cloud solution, your internal IT team will still be tasked with monitoring and managing these interfaces, negating the major advantage of a cloud solution: freeing up your IT team's resources. If you choose fully integrated ERP software, then you are able to take full advantage of a cloud solution.

What is the status of your IT team's resources? The size of your IT team along with the strategic goals you have set for them can have an impact on your deployment method. Smaller IT teams are often stretched thin when it comes to managing implementations, hardware, upgrades and maintenance tasks. A cloud solution will eliminate your IT team from having to undertake these tasks. However, if you have a large IT team, they are generally well equipped to manage the demands of an on-premise deployment.

These are just a handful of the things to consider when choosing an on-premise or cloud deployment. Click here for our White Paper that lists all of the factors.