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Managed EDI Services – Is it right for your business?

While EDI is a critical component to many businesses, it's no secret that managing this internally can have its challenges. And as your business continues to grow, managing your EDI processes internally can become even more time consuming, and costly if your EDI team isn't up to speed with the latest EDI best practices and training.

Moving EDI management over to your ERP provider is becoming the preferred choice for many importing, wholesale and distribution businesses. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider this for your business.

Cost savings

Moving to a Managed EDI model reduces hardware, software and training expenses associated with having the latest EDI technology. You also won't have to add IT or EDI resources as your business grows. Best-practice EDI technology is scalable and adapts to your business needs.

Know your costs upfront

Managing EDI internally can bring unexpected costs at any given time. But Managed EDI services are based on a fixed payment schedule, meaning you'll know your expenses upfront. This helps you manage costs and your budget more effectively.

Around the clock management

With Managed EDI services, a team of EDI specialists will handle all map creation, testing and transaction monitoring. Plus, there's no need to worry about employee vacation or sick days, training employees or timely transaction communications – your business' EDI processes are always covered.

Better customer experience

Better communication, timely action, reduced errors – they all add up to an improved experience for both you and your customers.

Maybe it's time to ask, "What's the benefit of managing EDI ourselves?"

Considering your EDI options? Our Apprise ERP solution is built with full integrated features, including EDI. Plus, we offer Managed EDI options. Want more? Contact a Product Specialist today to discuss how we can help. For more information on Apprise EDI Transaction Manager or our other EDI service options click here.