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Mobile Sales apps as business communication facilitators

It's clear that Mobile sales technology can help improve the customer experience, increase sales rep productivity and get orders filled faster. But beyond these initial efficiency improvements, mobile sales apps can also help improve communications within your company.

Best-in-class mobile sales management solutions will have features that enable better communication and work flows among reps and the office. Here are some examples of what to look for in a mobile solution:

Pin Lists

Pinning features are designed to allow sales reps to create categories of products they want to discuss with customers, such as: inventory that may appear low in the store, new products to discuss, or brands that offer the best incentive programs.

However, some mobile apps add the ability for managers to create Pin lists from the back office, and distribute them to reps in the field. This way, it's easier for reps to stay up-to-date in terms of which products should be sold – no matter where they are geographically. Lists can be as limited or inclusive as needed – they can be sent to all reps, specific groups of reps, or certain individual reps.

Examples of when to send Pin Lists:

  • When you have excess inventory that you want reps to focus on selling
  • If there is a special product incentive from a supplier
  • New product arrivals
Apprise Mobile - My Pinned

Customer Notes

Another example of improved office-to-rep communication, is found within Customer Notes features. These tools allow managers to send alerts, in the form of highlighted customer notes (pictured below,) indicating that there's something the rep needs to know about that specific customer.

Examples of when to use Customer Notes:

  • Notifying a rep on a customer's account status, such as an unpaid balance
  • Advise rep of changing or unique business hours
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Customer Notes can also enable sales representatives to communicate in return with your back office without calling or emailing. When representatives add customer notes for each individual account, the notes are then pushed back to your ERP database, to be viewed and processed as necessary by the rest of your team. Similarly, reps can also add notes at the order-level, to make sure any order-specific notes are viewable by back-office team members.

Examples of use:

  • Update office that payment has been received on overdue account
  • Send notes for any order details, such as specific delivery dates or other info specific to the customer's order

These are just a few examples of the ways that Mobile sales technology can help improve efficiency, productivity and communication within your organization. Contact a Product Specialist to learn more about Apprise® Mobile, our distributor-specific sales app that's fully integrated into Apprise® ERP.

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