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The Benefits of Business Intelligence

It's clear that your ERP database contains a great deal of current and historical information about your business. When summarized, this information can provide incredibly valuable insights into operational areas that are performing well, while also highlighting areas that could be improved. At the same time, analyzing such large amounts of data can be overwhelming and difficult to organize.

That's why many companies are turning to Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to distill their ERP data in a way that's easier to quickly view and understand. Designed for mobile and desktop use, the right BI tool can provide the visibility needed to respond quickly to changing conditions, no matter where you're conducting business.

Business Intelligence can help your teams:

  • Chart & graph data to analyze key performance metrics quickly
  • Evaluate multiple data sets for comparative and associative analysis
  • Identify exceptions, spot trends, and evaluate correlations
  • Drill down into areas of interest for more detail
  • Set up Executive Dashboards, displaying the metrics most meaningful to you
  • Collaborate–bookmark views, attach notes, and share comments with team members
  • Control access with permission-based views to improve security

Having the right BI tool can help your teams receive and analyze the information that's most relevant and critical.

Apprise® Business Intelligence is fully-integrated into Apprise ERP, so you can access real-time insights into your business anytime. Contact a Product Specialist to discuss your needs, and see how our integrated ERP and Business Intelligence can help enable faster, better decisions.