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The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

When it comes to business software, cloud hosting has opened the door to new service options, improved flexibility and more predictable costs. For many businesses, the advantages of moving their on-premise data to the cloud are beginning to outweigh previous concerns or obstacles. However, like most business decisions, the choice to migrate to the cloud will depend on your current business conditions, future goals, and other unique factors.

The fact is, cloud hosting is gaining in popularity as more benefits are being realized. Here are the top reasons why we're seeing more Consumer Goods businesses make this move:

Controlling costs

Because your business data is securely stored on remote servers instead of in-house servers, you benefit by lowering installation, maintenance, hardware and support costs – allowing you to invest that money back into other areas of your business. And since cloud hosting is based on an upfront cost structure, you'll know what your expense will be from the beginning – minimizing any budgetary surprises.

Gaining IT resources

With a cloud-hosted model, you eliminate the need for servers, which means you reduce the need for IT to perform maintenance, monitoring, issue diagnosis and backup tasks. This can reduce your IT costs substantially and give you more peace of mind that your business data is carefully managed 24/7.

Hardware/Database Redundancy

Does your business conduct continual data backups? What happens if your server malfunctions? Even if you have a plan in place, having to deal with any server or data loss issues can be problematic. But when your data is securely stored in the cloud, these are issues that you won't have to worry about – backups and redundancy measures are part of the process.


As your business grows, so will your software and data requirements. You'll need to be able to keep up with a growing number of users, transactions and process complexities, without sacrificing performance. Scalability allows you to function efficiently on a small scale, while retaining the option to quickly and easily scale up when your demands shift.

We've teamed up with Microsoft Azure for our Apprise® ERP cloud solutions, to provide the best security and accessibility possible. Considering a move to the cloud? Contact a Product Specialist today to discuss how we can help. For more information on Apprise ERP cloud solutions click here.