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Is your ERP system maintenance being handled?

Sometimes system maintenance is the last thing on anyone's mind. Systems are running well, everyone's busy, business is growing, trying to cut expenses; there's many reasons to shift your focus to other priorities. Until the unexpected happens…your hardware crashes. Now the focus immediately turns to your data. How would you run your business if your last data backup was a year or more ago? Or worse, what if your data is unrecoverable? All of a sudden, this system maintenance thing that wasn't such a priority could now be the one thing that tears your business apart.

Fortunately ERP maintenance is not that much work. Whether you hire an IT person or assign the responsibility to someone in the company doesn't matter. What matters is that the necessary tasks are being completed. After all, this should not be looked at as a staffing or time restraints problem; this should be looked at as a potential going out of business problem.

Now is the time to ask your team, who is responsible for our system maintenance? And, are we following best practices to ensure the success of our business?

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