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What to Look For in a Warehouse Management System

Your warehouse is one of the more integral parts of your supply chain. It is constantly in action and every warehouse movement needs to be accurate and precise. To keep things humming, we know you want to run your warehouse how you want to run your warehouse, not how your software provider tells you to run it. This means, above all else, you need a warehouse management system (WMS) that is flexible enough to adapt to your warehouse needs.

With a growing consumer goods business, how you run your warehouse today might not be how you decide to run it tomorrow. The right warehouse management system will enable flexible bin, zone and location management. It will also let you do flexible wave picking by product, order number, customer name, customer code, planned trucks or any other number of methods. Your warehouse management system should also help you conduct individual picking or order staging as needed.

Besides being flexible, it should also contain the latest technology, such as wireless warehouse and RFID capabilities. Adopting wireless technology in your warehouse can streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, speed physical inventory and cycle counts, among other benefits.

Your WMS provider should also demonstrate that they understand your business. If they are not experts in consumer goods, then your implementation will take extra time and use extra resources. It is also important the provider can show you specific areas where similar customers have saved money and made process improvements in the warehouse.

The last key for a warehouse management system is integration. In order to take full advantage of any WMS, it must be completely integrated with the rest of your ERP solution. Finding a truly integrated solution will ensure that your business information is updated in real-time and that you never deal with duplicate data.

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