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Why Aptean Distribution ERP?

10 reasons why Aptean Distribution ERP
is a perfect solution for your business.

While there are many ERP software choices for your business, only one is built with your company in mind. For over 25 years, Aptean has been helping consumer goods companies improve supply chain efficiencies and increase profits. Our consumer goods focus enables us to develop our ERP software with industry specific functionality for the way you do business.

How are we able to meet your unique ERP and business needs?
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1. Industry expertise
2. Fully integrated solutions

Our fully integrated solutions eliminate the need to separately invest in add‐on systems, allowing you to increase your ROI and improve your business visibility and agility. All of your industry specific requirements — import tools, EDI, retail labeling, RFID and more — are integrated into the core Aptean Distribution ERP application. Full integration also improves the usability, security and data integrity of ERP solutions while reducing maintenance costs.

3. Lower cost of ownership, faster return on investment (ROI)

We provide beginning‐to‐end ERP and supply chain management solutions that include:

  • Wireless warehouse management
  • Retailer compliance tools, such as EDI and chargeback management
  • DRP and forecasting tools
  • Profitability scorecards
  • And much more!
With less need for customizations, you can reduce start up and maintenance costs, improve deployment time, simplify and lower the cost of future upgrades, and speed and enhance your return on investment. And, all of our project managers are a consumer goods expert, which means you do not have to teach us your business. We understand your processes from day one to get you up and running faster.
4. Flexible warehouse capabilities

Improve the efficiencies of your warehouse operations and optimize space utilization with our complete tools for wired and wireless warehouse management:

  • Bin, zone and location management; including speed bins, laydown areas and not available bins
  • Efficiency tools, such as directed putaway, wave picking, cross docking, receiving by container and more
  • Define wave picking by product, order number, customer name, planned trucks, and more
  • Integrated freight tables and rules, as well as interfaces to 3rd party shipping manifest tools
  • Pick tickets, EDI compliant picking labels, packing slips and BOLs
  • And more!
5. Specialized import management Tools

Manage the complexities of global sourcing and overseas manufacturing and importing through:

  • Purchase order, container, shipment and vessel tracking and management
  • Shipment/container building by weight, volume and value
  • Direct ship (drop ship) management tools
  • Harmonization codes/duty rate tables by product
  • A/P reconciliation by purchase order and shipment
  • And more!
6. Comprehensive purchasing and Distribution Resource Planning (DRP)

Optimize your inventory availability and minimize excess inventory costs by improving your forecasting accuracy with our robust planning tools:

  • Standard and customizable forecasting algorithms, fully integrated within the core Aptean Distribution ERP application
  • Leverage POS data, customer forecasts, sales trends, seasonality, inventory status, supplier lead times and more
  • Product sales performance and history by sales representative, customer and supplier
  • Time-phased, multiple purchase order and shipment tracking and management
  • And more!
7. Seamless tools for retailer and mass merchant compliance

Meet the compliance requirements of your largest retail partners, while better tracking, managing and reducing chargebacks, with our full suite of compliance tools:

  • EDI transaction processing and mapping
  • Customer specific pricing and contracting
  • Profitability analysis by customer, product and supplier
  • Pallet and carton-level UCC 128 labels
  • Chargeback and deduction management tools
  • And more!
8. Leading technology

Our applications are based on the latest, proven technology standards. With Aptean Distribution ERP, you get the ease of use, reliability, scalability, and interoperability you need to support your mission critical operations:

  • Partners include Microsoft, Progress, among others
  • Solutions deployed in a N-tier architecture
  • Utilize the latest standards, including Microsoft® .NET, a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Web Services
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading third-party or custom applications
  • Easily import and export data through APIs
  • Flexible development tools empower you to enhance and customize your application without complex custom programming or the need for source code
9. Value-added professional services

Our flexible services approach aligns your business and operational performance through collaborative in-depth consulting, planning, implementation, training, review and ongoing analysis. When you partner with us, you get enterprise-wide manufacturing and distribution solutions with the features, functionality and process flows you need to be successful.

Global pre- and post-sale support is provided by direct members of our team who are fully knowledgeable in your industry and our applications:

  • Business process and needs analysis reviews
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Implementation work plans and project management
  • Operational and business process improvements and consulting
  • Live Help desk, plus web-based support site, knowledgebase, online product Help and more
10. Global reach for global business

Our operations in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region enable you to improve your end-to-end supply chain performance through one fully integrated solution for your global business needs:

  • Global-ready applications enable you to more tightly integrate your complete supply chain
  • Local implementation, consulting and training services in North America, the Asia Pacific region and Europe
  • Provide Asian support and Chinese language support
  • Multicurrency and multilingual services
  • Global 24-hour business day support for worldwide operations

Our integrated solution and industry expertise combine to give you the lowest total cost of ownership and a fast ROI.

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