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Executive Information Systems

Managing your consumer goods company requires access to in-depth, real-time data to help you improve decision making. Mining your financial data requires user-friendly and intuitive tools. The Executive Information System provides you with dynamic, drill-down access into standard inquiries. And our industry specific tools help you get at the root cause of business performance through time-based ratio and cash-flow analysis.

Aptean Distribution ERP provides quick access to top-level information and original documentation. Our reporting tools give you access to the data you need to analyze performance at the customer and product levels, see sales volumes and margins, and gain better insight into customer profitability. And our detailed product analysis reporting can help identify sales and margins by customer, and by product, to help you better understand product profitability.

Aptean Distribution ERP Executive Information Systems gives you the in-depth supplier data you need on delivery performance and costs, to help you manage all your supplier relationships. You can improve your receivables performance through deep insight into aging by collection team, division, group, agency or customer. Aptean Distribution ERP helps you monitor and track turns and earns, order fill rates and special order tracking. And our cash-flow analysis reporting helps you track trends and cash-flow projections to keep your enterprise profitable.

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Business Intelligence

Apprise® ERP Business Intelligence Screenshot

In-depth business intelligence can lead to better business decisions. Aptean Distribution ERP Business Intelligence gives you dynamic access to the sales, financial, and operational information you need to manage your brands and business. Our solution is optimized for mobile devices and desktop PCs, giving you easy access to see and share real-time data and insights.

Our business intelligence tools are fully integrated to give you on-demand access to performance data across your enterprise, and tiered, permission-based views help you control access to sensitive information. Aptean Distribution ERP Business Intelligence allows for collaborative information sharing, which enables you to bookmark your view and send links to peers, share graphical objects, and attach annotative notes to leave a written trail on your analysis and the reasoning behind your business decisions.

When it comes to collaboration, our Aptean Distribution ERP Business Intelligence Report Studio enables easy report building and sharing by allowing users to drag & drop BI data into programs like Microsoft® Excel, PowerPoint, or Word. Reports can then be distributed automatically or on-demand, via email or network folder, so your teams are always working with the latest information.

Aptean Distribution ERP Business Intelligence enables you to evaluate multiple data sets for comparative and associative analysis. Flexibly configure your view and preferences for the most meaningful snapshot of your costs, sales, profitability and other data. And our intuitive executive dashboard lets you chart, graph, associate and filter on key performance measures in the manner most meaningful to you.

Customer, product & supplier profitability

Understanding your company's true profitability used to require hours of manual number crunching. But integrated and industry specific profitability solutions from Aptean Distribution ERP has made it easier. Now, consumer goods companies can access bottom-line profitability in seconds, with the automated tools found in Aptean Distribution ERP.

Our profitability tools enable you to gain a real-time view of profitability accounting for both above-the-line and below-the-line costs, including freight, allowances, chargebacks, commissions, royalties, and more. Powerful financial analysis tools help you see customer, supplier and product margin results on a broad or granular level. And user-defined fields mean you can track an unlimited number of cost drivers that impact your business.

Aptean Distribution ERP includes unique Profitability Scorecard tools to help you access and analyze your customer, supplier and product-level profitability so you can see exactly which elements are driving your business. Trend views display time-sensitive results for a specific group of customers, suppliers or products. While comparative views enable you to analyze results from multiple customers, suppliers or products to determine the real impact of doing business with your partners, so you can see who's helping or hurting your bottom line.

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Our integrated solution and industry expertise combine to give you the lowest total cost of ownership and a fast ROI.

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